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  Fashion and style guides have been taking social media by storm - from celebrities, to stylist, to influencers- everyone is sharing their fashion necessities. With our new website up and going we wanted to add some of the current trends we have been seeing in regards to purses and bags! 👜

Now let's get going- 

'00s Shoulder Bag Looks
  Shoulder black purse in hands at sunset Black shoulder bag in hand Shoulder bag styled with jeans and oversized button up
(Pictures sourced from Pinterest - creators unknown) 
These shoulder bag look brings the youthfulness back into fashion and gives a dainty little touch to any outfit! We ofter some trendy shoulder bags/mini pouches that are worth the look!

Crossbody Bags (with or without chains) 

These are always in style, but lately crossbody purses are getting more and more versatile with the ability to turn them into handbags- and people are taking full advantage of this. Many people and stylists are styling crossbody bags across the body or long on one arm in fun ways. The versatility of them make them a must have in your closet! Plus they are easy to style from day to night. 

Crossbody Bag styled  

(Pictures sourced from Pinterest - 1 + 2 unknown, 3rd image from @amberharrelsonn )

Pouchy Handbags

Pouchy handbags are the perfect item to add a fashionable touch to your outfit- although they are less convenient because they need to be carried by hand the whole day- they are the perfect touch to elevate any outfit. They come in so many looks, colors, and fabrics, and will definitely stay as we enter the fall/winter seasons! We will be including more pouch handbags in our inventory so stay tuned for our drops. ✨

Here are a few examples: 

Pouch purse with jean shorts and heels

( Pictures sourced from Pinterest)

At Bonnie's Loft we want to elevate our online boutique as much as possible so we want to hear from you! Help us think of any purse trends to be on the look out for, and be part of our growing brand! 🤩

We are excited for what's to come...

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